Ms. Williams

Teaching Fellow

Ms. Williams was European educated and came to BASIS Independent Manhattan because she was drawn to our model of using best practices from other education systems around the world. She graduated from the German University of Leipzig with a degree equivalent to the U.S. Bachelor's Degree in Education for advanced teaching at secondary schools. In addition to majoring in English, Latin, and Education Sciences, Ms. Williams also worked as a German language assistant for the British Council in Northern Ireland, a teacher trainee in Germany, and as a freelance language teacher in New York. It was during her teacher training that she decided to move to New York City to join her fiancé in 2012.

Ms. Williams joins BASIS Independent Manhattan as a Teaching Fellow. Her goal is to provide students with linguistic knowledge and skills enabling them to become critical thinkers. Her students will learn how to analyze the world through language and thus gain a deeper understanding of society and history.

Mrs. Williams is excited to join a school where the curriculum promises the same high-level education as Europe, and whose outstanding student performance has already proven successful internationally.

Outside the classroom, Mrs. Williams enjoys going on adventures with her husband and two children such as visiting their family in Germany or Jamaica, cooking, and gardening, as well as going apple picking, to the beach and museums. In rare moments of "me-time," she indulges in reading, jogging, yoga, or being crafty.