Ms. Yang

Math & Science Subject Expert Teacher

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Ms. Yang holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. She discovered a love for teaching and moved to New York to pursue a career in education. She graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a Masters of Arts degree in Curriculum and Teaching in 2005. SInce then, she has taught Kindergarten through 5th grade at the Cooke Center for Learning and Development. 

As a Subject Expert Teacher for grades 1–3 at BASIS Independent Manhattan, Ms. Yang will ensure that students build a solid foundation in the early years of math and science. She chose to come to work at BASIS Independent because the school encourages teachers to be creative and make learning fun. She strongly believes students are naturally curious and will be active learners when they are in a stimulating learning environment. 

Outside of the classroom, you can find Ms. Yang going on New York City walking adventures with her 12-year-old son or jogging at Central Park. During school holidays, she loves to travel.