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Primary Years: Teaching to Learn

Starting in grade 1, BASIS Curriculum students are no longer in a self-contained classroom. In every discipline a Subject Expert (SET) who specializes in that discipline (Humanities, Math, Science, Engineering, Art, Mandarin, etc.) teaches the students. Across all disciplines, the Learning Expert (LET), who focuses on effective pedagogy, co-teaches with the Subject Expert (SET).

The role of the Learning Expert Teacher (LET) is to make sure that students understand what they are being taught, and that every individual student is working to the absolute best of his/her personal ability. The LET travels with his/her students throughout the school day and is always there to aid in the scholastic development of students. LETs provide a high level of progress monitoring, parent communication and enrichment to all students and their families.

The synergy of the SET and LET facilitates a relatively rapid transition from instruction in foundational skills and knowledge to independent thinking and active learning in the primary grades. Heavy emphasis is placed on making connections between disciplines through the reiteration of key concepts throughout the curriculum, fostering the move from the acquisition to application of knowledge.

Please read our curriculum overview to further understand the different content covered in each discipline in grades 1–3.

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