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Clubs & Activities

We are committed to providing a fulfilling and balanced life for our students. It is our goal to inspire them, help them find their interests, and give them the opportunity to hone their passions. To provide the rich and well-rounded environment that will allow them to do so, we offer an array of clubs and activities that complement our academic program

At BASIS Independent Manhattan, we will rely on students to both participate and to guide the offerings: first by surveying their interests, and later by encouraging students to develop programs where they see a need. 

Our list of activities offered is as dynamic and changing as the growing, diverse student body at our school. The below list of clubs & activities is for reference only; actual activities are subject to change:  

  • Board game Club (K–6)
  • Chess (K–6)
  • Clay World (K–3)
  • Coding (1–6)
  • Cooking (K–6)
  • Theatre (K–6); including Galli, Shakespeare, and Musical Theatre
  • Robotics (K–2)
  • Math Club (5–6)
  • Science & Engineering (K–2)
  • Nory Robotics & Chemistry (3–5)
  • Rock Guitar (2–6)
  • Suzuki Guitar (K–1)
  • Suzuki Violin (K–6)
  • Tech Club (4–6)