A globally benchmarked academic program proven to be one of the best in the world. A purpose-built campus to maximize the student experience. Teachers who do everything in their power to inspire and support. Unparalleled student outcomes. Discover the benefits of a BASIS Independent Manhattan education.
  • The globally benchmarked, nationally ranked BASIS Curriculum is a unique blend of liberal arts and sciences that results in extraordinary outcomes for students.

    • Starting in PreK, we emphasize foundational knowledge and critical inquiry, and we provide opportunities to apply that knowledge in dynamic ways, culminating in classes such as Connections in the early years, grade 7 Logic, and grade 8 Economics, as well as in hands-on experiences like Project Week.
    • Many of our classes use project-based learning to build inquisitiveness and foster creativity. Rather than solely focus on rote memorization within the curriculum, our teachers focus on knowledge application and critical thinking, especially through courses like Connections in the primary years. Our students learn to question, to analyze, and then to seek their own answers.
    • We balance liberal arts with STEM courses through a purposefully diverse curriculum. Students in PreK and kindergarten take foundational courses such as engineering and Mandarin, and as they move up in grade levels they will have Latin, Spanish, and French as language options. In grades 6–8, students take biology, chemistry, and physics simultaneously. And before students leave grade 8, they will have more humanities credits than any other discipline.
    • While AP courses are typically reserved for top performers at other schools, 6 AP exams and 7 courses across disciplines are graduation requirements, with students taking an average of 12.3 exams in their tenure. These externally validated courses are critical in evaluating and commending student performance on the national and international scale.
  • Our unique two-teacher LET/SET model curates and customizes the learning experience for each student.

    Not only do we find the top educators in the country to lead our classrooms, we have fashioned a unique teaching model that encourages students to take risks academically while having consistent, individualized support. Learning Expert Teachers (LETs) provide consistent individual support based on a student’s social, emotional, and academic needs, while Subject Expert Teachers (SETs) bring the classroom to life with their deep expertise in their chosen discipline. Read more about our Symbiotic Classroom dynamic.

  • We strike a harmony between joy and academic rigor.

    It is possible to have both! Families do not have to sacrifice a nurturing, supportive environment for academic rigor, or vice versa. As one parent puts it, “BASIS Independent Manhattan is a great environment for my son because the academics are both rigorous and joyful.” We believe that by making learning engaging, by having inspiring, supportive teachers, and by setting an expectation of excellence, students will clear every bar you set for them.

  • We give teachers freedom to do what they do best: teach!

    Our teachers are held accountable for upholding standards to ensure student learning meets or exceeds expectations of the program. By respecting our teachers as professionals and letting them flex their creative muscles, they can better provide content-rich, engaging lessons and more effectively assess their students’ learning needs and progress.

  • Learning outside the classroom is a priority.

    Our students enjoy numerous field trips to experience the world around them and witness real-life application of their course material. With New York City as our culturally and historically rich backyard, the possibilities are endless.