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Sports & Athletics at BASIS Independent Manhattan

At BASIS Independent Manhattan, we want to challenge kids outside of the classroom. We feel strongly that sports teach our students ever-important life skills like teamwork, good-natured competition, losing with grace, and winning with humility. We also want to encourage our students to fully hone their interests and passions.

We have many exciting options to explore at every grade level this year! Our teams typically practice twice a week and follow a game schedule established by our Auxiliary Programs department and the team coach. We can't wait to see what is sure to be a very triumphant year! 

Below is a list of Sports & Athletics activities and teams we have offered or plan to offer for the 2017-18 school year:

  • Fencing (3–6)
  • Capoeira (K–3)
  • Running (5–6)
  • Soccer (K–6)
  • Swimming (K–3)
  • Tennis (K–6)