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Our Values

In our first year as a school at BASIS Independent Manhattan, the establishing of core values was something we prioritized as much as making sure teachers had supplies and the finishing touches on our facility were in place. These values were purposefully chosen to hold the members of our community—students, faculty, school leadership—to high expectations. They empower our students to explore and expand their interests in the classroom and in the world around them, to reach their fullest potential, to show responsibility and self-advocacy in their education, to remain kind, and to develop the skills necessary for their futures in academics and beyond. 

We feel strongly that our students' achievements and positive experiences at school will manifest most readily when we uphold these community values, which we call The 5 C's: 

The 5 C's


Confidence leads to success, drive, and happiness. When our students learn to have confidence in their choices, their actions, and their goals, they truly thrive academically and personally, and they are better suited to reach for their ambitions. 


Creativity is not merely an inherent attribute; any motivated student can learn to be creative. We believe tapping into their creativity is what will best prepare students for entering the innovative 21st century global work force. When our students' creativity is unlocked, nurtured, and applied to their schoolwork and more, they flourish and grow in bounds.


Citizenship is a value that reflects the ethos of daily life at BASIS Independent Manhattan. We encourage students to be actively involved in school—in their classrooms, at their extracurriculars, and in their social groups. Involvement has the power to motivate and educate youths into becoming thoughtful, active citizens who engage with their classmates, respect their superiors, and participate in considerate discourse. 


Courage is the ability to do what scares you, to confront uncertainty and doubts, to take appropriate risk, and to make decisions responsibly. It is vital for our students to understand that courage can co-exist with fear, mistakes, and difficulties, but that in the midst of those challenges, they can push forward, learn, and grow. 


Compassion links human beings together. It is sincere consideration and genuine care for those around you. Learning when and where to show compassion, be it to others or yourself, is crucial at BASIS Independent Manhattan in developing minds and sculpting character.

Embodying The 5 C's

At BASIS Independent Manhattan, our students need to not only be smart, they need to be able to talk to people, be kind and active listeners, take risks, and know what it's like to fail and get back up. A person must be able to look beyond just academics, which is why the 5 C's are so important. You have to be smart, compassionate, and courageous. You have to be confident, creative, and a strong citizen. Our students are more than capable of not just encompassing each of these values, but applying them diligently. 

Each month is dedicated to one of the 5 C's to celebrate each value's significance at our school. Our teachers build lessons around the values, "catching" students and even other teachers who display confidence, creativity, citizenship, and so on. Our goal is to inspire students by teacher examples, eventually creating an encouraging domino effect, leading students to be "caught" by one of their peers who have observed them exhibiting one of the C's.  

BASIS Independent Schools: Students

5 Key Principles

We Take Our Commitment to Our Learning Community Seriously

BASIS Independent Schools' academic rigor and high expectations for student learning require an environment free from disruption, one that fosters mutual respect among students and staff members. To accomplish this, BASIS Independent Schools have developed a code of conduct based on five key principles of behavior:

  • 1

    Promote respect for fellow students and staff members

    All students are expected to behave in a respectful manner toward themselves, other students, staff, and property. In particular, the school adheres to a zero tolerance policy toward any language or behavior that intimidates, belittles or causes physical or emotional injury to others.

  • 2

    Promote respect for all individuals

    BASIS Independent Schools strive to provide an environment in which all students feel comfortable and thrive. For this reason, certain behaviors are strictly prohibited on school premises. These include, but are not limited to, the use of derogatory statements in reference to race, sexuality, ethnicity, culture or religious background.

  • 3

    Promote individual responsibility and responsibility for community

    BASIS Independent Schools hold each student individually responsible for his or her own language and actions.

  • 4

    Provide a safe environment for students

    BASIS Independent staff and students work together to ensure a safe environment for all community members and any potentially dangerous situation is immediately reported to school officials.

  • 5

    Provide a disruption-free educational environment

    BASIS Independent Schools will provide students with the kind of distraction-free learning environment that is necessary to achieve academic excellence.