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At BASIS Independent Manhattan, our families and students have access to services that help make logistics as seamless as possible, and ensure that our students feel supported and set up for success.

  • Sports, Clubs & Activities – read more about these student-centric programs.
  • Early and Late-Bird Program – age-appropriate and productive activities before and after school hours.
  • Transportation – Preliminary bus routes forthcoming; we hope to cover most neighborhoods in Manhattan, and potentially select routes outside of the five boroughs.
  • Student Support – our program ensuring that students are nurtured and supported academically.

Read below to learn more details about these services and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Support Along the Way

Early and Late Bird Program


Early Bird is a voluntary extension of the school day available to all students before the start of school. Early Bird provides a place for students to complete homework and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised environment. Students are required to follow all school disciplinary rules during this time. Students are not allowed to leave the designated area before the start of the student's scheduled classes. There is no fee for Early Bird.


Late Bird is a voluntary, fee-based after school extension of the school day available to all students. Students are provided a quiet academic environment to complete homework and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised environment.


BASIS Independent Manhattan is committed to ensuring that getting to and from school is as convenient as possible. Our fee-based transportation program includes morning and afternoon bus service. We typically run bussing twice in the afternoon: when school lets out as well as after the conclusion of our robust after-school activities. Our bus routes are comprehensive and attempt to accommodate the majority of students who are interested in the service.

Bus routes and bussing details are forthcoming. Join our interest list to be alerted when more details are released.

Student Support

BASIS Independent Manhattan Deans are the gatekeepers for ensuring student success. Assigned to a specific grade level or group of grade levels, they are constantly monitoring student performance for those who need support or are making exceptional strides.

While they are available for students socially or academically, Deans play a very specific role in developing and orchestrating a plan for students who need additional support above what is offered in the classroom.

The first step they take is to meet with the student and assess, then they employ a plethora of strategies such as extra teacher hours, a homework buddy, executive functioning and organizational support.

Most importantly, whether a student is on a Student Support plan or not, we celebrate success as students inevitably make strides towards achieving their individual goals as scholars.